Time Trek Courier Services began its operation as an offshoot of the former Time Trek Communication.

Time Trek Communication was incorporated in February 1982. We have our own facilities and property at 510 Richmond Street in downtown Toronto. We earned recognition quickly as an outstanding courier service with quality personnel who take great pride in being part of our organization.

Time Trek Courier Services is primarily a courier company specializing in direct, rush, same day as well as overnight service locally and throughout Ontario. But we are more than that. WE also do courier-related office errands which help our clients economize and make better use of their employees. We are equipped with Xpeedite Courier software, the most efficient and modern dispatch system using own vehicles as well as those brokers who choose to be a part of our team working with us. Some of these brokers have been with us for almost a decade. The various different types of vehicles in our fleet include cube vans, cars as well as bikes.

In 1986 we won the contract for courier service from the government of Ontario. With that experience we earned recognition as one of he most helpful and efficient of all same day couriers in Toronto. Today most of the Ministry offices in Toronto trust our service for fast and efficient delivery.

Our Drivers and all the outstanding people at Time Trek Courier act as a team!!

We will help you continue to impress your clientele! How these deliveries are made should of course concern you. They certainly concern us. All our Drivers are professionals who handle material entrusted to them with care.